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Our Mission

We aim to provide clear and useful advice on investing for expatriates from all countries.

The options available when you live overseas are often far more than what is around back home – and this is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing since there are some amazing opportunities that remain untouched from your countryman.  A curse since there is no regulator with a safety net and a fire-hose to protect you or pull you to safety.  China is ‘caveat emptor’ writ large and investing your own money is no different.

We aim to write clearly without too much jargon.  We will write a range of articles on many different topics.  Some easy for newer investors, some specialized, some country specific, some topical on the events of the day, some about investment products or styles we like or avoid.  We will be direct as we possibly can be whilst avoiding lawsuits.  Sometimes we will be blunt and caustic in our opinions without naming a particular company or product.  We won’t pull punches though.  We’ll just have to give you all the dots, the sequence and the pencil, and let you put it all together to see what it spells.

Above all, we want you to learn something useful.

We could write vague puff piece articles as some financial advisers do, but we think this helps nobody.  No potential client will be impressed enough to swap from browsing to booking a meeting on the basis of a boring useless article.  We aim to write interestingly, although inevitably some will be better than others in your eyes.  Just remember we are writing for a hugely diverse audience.  Despite this we are keen to see how tangled we can get our metaphorical mix; how many splits we can put into infinity.

It’s our aim to raise the level of discussion and knowledge out there generally.    A poorly informed expatriate community will continue to make bad investment decisions, either talking to the wrong people and/or buying the wrong things.  Or even worse – just giving up completely and talking to no-one and/or spending it all.  A poor decision avoided is a good result.  Call us naïve and idealistic, but we want to be a force for good in the world, or at least here in China.

We truly hope you like what we do.  Please comment and refer your friends.  If there is topic you want to know more about, do let us know and we’ll see what we can do.